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Indie Short Film Competition 2011

Indie Short Film CompetitionISFC (Indie Short Film Competition) is currently accepting entries into the 5th annual edition of the Competition. All Entries that are submitted and postmarked by October 15, 2011 will be included in the 2011 competition.

The ISFC is not your usual brick and mortar film festival, it is a unique and innovative online international short film and short script competition. The main focus of the ISFC is to find the next generation of talented filmmakers and screenwriters out there. We strive to create exciting opportunities for outstanding talent by bringing support and recognition to excellence in the art of filmmaking and screenwriting.

Winning filmmakers and screenwriters will be honored for their exceptional achievements and will receive awards, cash prizes, merchandise and services that can help further their career. In addition to the great prizes from our industry sponsors, winning the ISFC is a great opportunity to advance your career by receiving international exposure and gaining recognition in the film and screenwriting industries.

The Indie Short Film Competition Rules & Regulations

The Indie Short Film Competition is an annual international short film and video competition open to all independent filmmakers from around the world regardless of their nationality or origin.


1.) Entry form – filled out clearly and completely, with an original signature. Entry forms can be printed out (or photocopied) from the competition website at or you may request that one be mailed to you.

2.) Short film or video entry on DVD or VHS, regardless of original shooting format. Total running time must not be over 40 minutes in length, including front and back credits.

* Entries MUST be NTSC format only. PAL is NOT accepted.
* Foreign DVD’s entries must be formatted for Region Code 1 (North America), or Region Code 0 (Universal).

3.) Entry Fee. (US Currency Only)

* Payments from countries outside the U.S.A. must be in the form of a US bank check, money order, cash, or credit card. Personal checks are not accepted from outside the U.S.A.

Please make all Checks or Money Orders payable to: Indie Short Film Competition

Mail all entries to:
Indie Short Film Competition
PO BOX 1185
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302 U.S.A.


Entrants may submit multiple entries in as many categories as you wish, or submit the same short film in multiple categories. Each entry requires a separate DVD or VHS tape, entry form and entrance fee. (Entrance fee is non-refundable)

Short films that are submitted must be the entrants original work and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties. Contestants agree that they have obtained all required permissions regarding music, sound and/or images presented in your short film. By entering the competition, the entrant agrees that the Indie Short Film Competition will not be held liable for any copyright infringements perpetrated by you or your short film. The Indie Short Film Competition reserves the right to not screen any film(s) for any reason it deems valid. Winner’s will be required to sign an affidavit confirming that their short film is original and he/she holds all rights. Failure to sign and return the form within the required time period (30 days) or provision of false information may result in disqualification and an alternate winner may be selected. Affidavits of winners under 18 years of age at time of award must be countersigned by parent or legal guardian. Affidavits are subject to verification by the Indie Short Film Competition and its agents.

Entrants will retain all ownership rights to their films submitted.

Entry materials (DVD’s, VHS tapes, etc.) submitted will not be returned to the entrant. The Indie Short Film Competition is not responsible for late, lost, damaged, misdirected, postage due, stolen, or misappropriated entries.

Winners are selected by a judging panel of industry professionals consisting of independent producers, production companies, agents, distributors, filmmakers, and other film industry professionals who may be substituted at the discretion of the competition organizers. All entries are judged equally based on these 5 areas: Content Originality (Quality of storyline, and script), Production (Camera work, lighting, and shot composition), Post-Production (Editing, transitions, pacing, continuity, and flow), Image (Focus, color, and lighting), Sound Quality (Clarity, consistency of audio levels, and lack of noise)

Winners will be announced February 1, 2012 and will be notified by mail and/or email and will also be listed on the competition website at The Indie Short Film Competition will use its best efforts to announce the winners at the designated time, but will not be held liable for any unforeseen delays.

All prizes will be awarded to the first name as it appears on the entry form, and division of prizes among co-directors is the responsibility of the winners. However, multiple directors will be listed on our website and in all press releases. The Indie Short Film Competition will use its best efforts to send prizes out in a timely fashion. All federal, state, and local taxes, and customs fees, when applicable, are the sole responsibility of the winner. The Indie Short Film Competition will not pay any winners’ taxes. Please note that prizes which are being sent to winners from Sponsors may take longer than prizes sent directly from the Indie Short Film Competition. If the winner has not received any portion of sponsored prizes within 180 days and has not responded to the Indie Short Film Competition, the Indie Short Film Competition will no longer be responsible for delivery of sponsored prizes.

By entering the Indie Short Film Competition, contestants and/or their parents or legal guardian (if such entrant is a minor) agree to accept and be bound by the decisions of the competition and its judges which are final and binding in all matters. Entrant agrees to be bound by all terms of these official competition rules and regulations as established herein. Employees, their families, subsidiaries, and affiliates are not eligible. If entrant is under 18 years old, the signature of a parent or guardian is required. The Indie Short Film Competition reserves the right to extend the competition deadline for any unforeseen reasons if needed. Entry constitutes permission to use winner’s name, likeness, and voice for future advertising and publicity purposes without additional compensation. Void where prohibited.

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Indie Short Film Competition
P.O. Box 1185
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302 U.S.A.

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