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LUUKKU logótervezési pályázat

finnagoraA Finnagóra LUUKKU logótervezési ( logo + Flyer + Tumblr – elrendezés) pályázatot írt ki. A pályázat a Finnagóra egész nyáron nyitvatartó projektjének a része, a LUUKKU pop-up ateliér-nek.


Pályázók köre: Elsősorban a MOME és a Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem tervezőgrafika szakos hallgatói valamint már végzett tervezőgrafikus szakemberek munkáit várják!

A pályázat tárgya: logo + Flyer + Tumblr – layout készítés

A pályázat díja:

  • A kiválasztott nyertes további megbízásokat kap a LUUKKU garfikai munkáinak megtervezésére. A munka díjazása: 70 000 HUF.
  • egy repülőjegy a Budapest -Helsinki -Budapest járatra, három éjszakára szállás Helsinkiben a Helsinki Design Hét idejére. Az  utazás értéke: mintegy 600 euró.

A pályázatok beadási határideje:  2014 március 17.  16.00 óra

Bővebb információ:
Maiju Saari

LUUKKU logo competition

LUUKKU is a pop up atelier and creative art-space that will open its doors in the heart of Budapest in May 2014. Three contemporary Finnish artists, Katja Tukiainen, Jani Leinonen and Teemu Keisteri, have been invited to have an exhibition in Luukku. Each of them will work in Budapest for a month preparing their individual exhibitions, whether it is an installation, a workshop, a performance, a wallpainting, or whatever.

Luukku is the main project of 2014 for Finnagora, the Finnish Institute in Hungary.

The Artists

daadan_katjaKatja Tukiainen is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed painter and comic artist. Her art is easily recognizable for its pink colour and girly characters. In her work Tukiainen reflects the ideas of how society sees women and comments these ideas through both humour and mystical characters.

Jani Leinonen mixes traditional fine arts with conceptual art. Many of his works have been largely discussed in public, as he often criticizes consumerism, popular culture and multi-national corporations. jani

Teemu Keisteri does photography, video art and is probably best known for his drawn Ukkeli-character (free translation: dude). The neon yellow and pink character poses in unique t-shirts, mugs, totebags etc. Keisteri re-made some paintings from the golden age of Finnish art featuring the Ukkeli-characters. 

logo + flyer + Tumblr-layout

The aim of Luukku logo competition is to get fresh visual material to use in the promotion of Luukku as well as to involve young Hungarian designers in the project. The competition is open for students and alumni of MOME and MKE. The only rule for the desing is to avoid clichés!

The participants are asked to present a logo, a sketch for a flyer and a sketch of a lay-out of a Tumblr-site. All material should be delivered by email in .pdf format to . 

Deadline for submissions is Monday March 17th 2014, at 16.00.

The winner of the competition will be announced on Monday, March 24th 2014 on Finnagora’s website and Facebook-page. The winner will be contacted personally.

The Prize

The winner will continue to work with us on other graphic materials of Luukku. He/she will be asked to design four versions of the flyer, one for each visiting artist and one general one, a poster for Luukku, and to execute the Tumblr-site. The payment for the work described above will be 70.000 HUF.

The winner of the competition will receive Budapest-Helsinki-Budapest flights and a three-night  accommodation in Helsinki during Helsinki Design Week 4.-14. September 2014. The value of the trip is about 600 euros.

More information about the competition:
Maiju Saari