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Martha Graham Company videópályázat

Háromperces pszichodrámák elkészítésére írt ki internetes videopályázatot a Martha Graham Company.  Az On the Couch: An Inner Monologue címen meghirdetett versenyre a világ minden tájáról várják a videókat. A versenyzőknek egy háromperces kisfilmben kell elmesélniük, hogy milyen érzéseket váltott ki belőlük a társulat hivatalos honlapjára korábban feltöltött két videó.


  1. You may use words, sounds, music on your audio track. You may also use text or images superimposed on the video.
  2. You must begin your monologue with the phrase: “Doctor it’s happening again…”
  3. Somewhere in the monologue, the phrase “Movement never lies” must be included.
  4. Any music used must be original or in the public domain.
  5. No copyrighted material may be used. Submissions with grossly inappropriate language will not be considered.
  6. Upload your video with soundtrack by using the directions below.
  7. Submissions MUST be uploaded by February 15, 2012 in order to be considered by the judges.


  • 1st PRIZE: $500!
  • 2nd PRIZE: $300!
  • 3rd PRIZE: $200!

Entries will be judged on creative writing and the overall enhancement of the film. Winners will be notified by March 12, 2012. Winning entries will be screened during the Martha Graham Dance Company’s New York Season at the Joyce Theater, March 13-18, 2012.The Martha Graham Center would like to thank the team that created this film:

The Digital Filmmaking Program at the University of Central Arkansas. The film was directed and edited by Michael Gunter. Cinematography by Dustin Barnes, Jarrod Beck, Danny Bradfield, and Scott Eggleston.

The Couch Solo is performed by Tadej Brdnik and Miki Orihara, principal dancers of the Martha Graham Dance Company.

All submissions become property of the Martha Graham Center. The Couch Dance is owned by the Martha Graham Center and may not be used for any other purpose than this competition.

You must be 18 years or older to compete. Employees of the Martha Graham Center are not eligible to compete.