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Önkénteseket várnak az erőszak elleni küzdelemmel kapcsolatos programszervezésekre Romániába

2 hónapos EVS projekt az erőszak elleni küzdelemről. 8 önkéntest keresünk egy romániai EVS programra, ahol az erőszak elleni küzdelemmel kapcsolatban szerveznek programokat.

Jelentkezési határidő: 2012. január 10. (A határidőt a jelentkezők számától függően kitolhatjuk még.)

A jelentkezéshez küldd el a kati(kukac) címre angol nyelvű önéletrajzodat, illetve motivációs leveledet és egy mostanában készült fotót magadról. A motivációs levélben válaszolj a következőkre: “motivational letter with direct interest in participating in this project and how this will help them. If the volunteer is with fewer opportunities explain the case and why he/she thinks his/her participation in this project will improve his/her conditions or will help and in which way”.
A tárgyban szerepeljen ez: “Romaina, Metamorfosis, short therm EVS”

Az EVS-ről bővebben itt olvashatsz:

A szervezetről részletes leírást itt olvashatsz!

A program leírása:

“j’E.S.P.E.R.E.” is the initiative of Metamorfosis Association which forseens the involvement of 16 EVS volunteers from 8/16 coutries in voluntary stages of 2 months in Romania within 2 periods: 1st of March – 1st of May2012 (8 EVS volunteers) and 1st of Octomber – 1st of December 2012 (8 EVS volunteers). The topic addressed by the project is youth involvement and participation for preventing as well as informing about the negative effects of violence and domestic violence as by implementing non-formal education means and tools as well as a specific communication measure entitledE.S.P.E.R.E. in assuring the proper framework of healhty connections and relationships within family, school and community as a whole.

The objectives of the projects are:

1. Identifying and aknowledging the most common 5 forms of violence and violent situations within family, school and community of Oravita city, Caras-Severin county during the voluntary stages based on the perspections and opinions of the community members

2. Informing and raising awareness of the most relevant 5 negative effects of violence and violent situations within family, school and community of Oravita city, Caras-Severin county during the voluntary stages among at least 1000 persons

3. Proposing at least 5 forms/ways/means of prevening violence and violent situations in the city of Oravita, Caras-Severin county during the voluntary stages involving at least 200 members from the local community

The promoters of the project envisage the implementation of: A. a research campaign regarding opinions and perceptions of community members regarding different shorts of violent situations and domestic violence, in special; B. an information and awareness raising campaign concerning the negative impact of different forms of violence and domestic violence directly on individuals, but also on the society as a whole, and the sustainable development of healthy communities.

The proposed activities will be back-uped by additional organization of different out-door and in-door activities to engage especially youngsters, but not only in their free time (sports, games, other educational, social and cultural activities etc.), especially after school time for building mutual trust and understanding among participants of all social categories and ages, creating leases for harmonious living between youth and elderly people, in the local community in which the project will be developed.
The project will be implemented with the participation of 8/16 sending organization, between 1st of February 2012 and 31st of December 2012 and it will be developed within the local community of Oravita city, Caras-Severin county – Romania.