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Rave Door Logópályázat

A Rave Door hostel logótervezési pályázata. A nyertes pályázat készítője 100 EUR / 30. 000 HUF készpénzben, 3 nap/éjszaka teljes ellátásban részesül Budapesten és  múzeumi és más eseményekre szóló belépőket nyer.
We are looking for the logo of Rave Door. We are about to not to manipulate your subconscious , we would love to see your fresh ideas !
For inspiration we offer the following prices:  100 EUR / 30000 HUF cash and „3 days and nights in Budapest” . the lucky winners will be selected by professional jury and by the public .
step 1. – create a „minimal” , a „royal” and a „free” design !
step 2. – send your design by the end of october via or direct email: . the format can be either jpeg, gif or pdf with a maximum size of 20 mb all together !
step 3. – vote for your favourite design at by simply ´like´, share and comment !
„3 days and nights” includes : accomodation, food – more than a breakfast we wont let you starve  – tickets to museums, galeries, events . Plus ! Travel allowance !
Any and all questions will be answered here in facebook or via email !