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Curators Connection – residency programme for emerging curators

Curators Connection – a unique residency programme for emerging curators to gain a comprehensive insight and network in Vienna and Budapest

9 October-31 November 2013

Curators Connection is an intensive 8 weeks programme that looks directly at the roles and responsibilities of curators as mediators between artists, objects, institutions, experiences and audiences. The main focus is on contemporary conditions of display and the understanding of issues and institutions affecting contemporary art.  Curators Connection aims to foster interesting dialogues on issues surrounding curation and takes a wide perspective in the inquiry into what constitutes “the curatorial” in the Central European region and particularly in Vienna and Budapest today.

The Programme is designed for emerging curators and students who expect to work in the contemporary-art field. It is intended to familiarize participants with current trends in practice and to provide opportunities to explore the cultural functioning of curating and its relation to exhibitions, institutions, audiences, aesthetics and display culture.

The residents spend three weeks in Vienna and five weeks in Budapest. Throughout this intensive 8 weeks period participants expand their professional practice by conducting in-depth investigations of contemporary exhibitions, getting introduced to case studies of leading curators and their engagements, taking part in artist’s studio visits and self -management workshops. Moreover, participants are exposed to the practical and theoretical Best Practices of the leading contemporary art museums, galleries and fairs, such as the Vienna Art Fair and the Budapest Art Market. The program offers participants a unique chance to develop project ideas, conduct research of their particular interests, make connections and discussions with professionals of the leading contemporary art events and organisations of Vienna and Budapest and forging new networks internationally. The residency denouement is the development of a publication and the curation of a display or a lecture of a case study.

Programme dates

Residency period: from 9th October to 31 November 2013

Duration: 8 weeks/ 40 hours per week

Application deadline: 30th August 2013


10–15 applicants will be selected to participate in the Curators Connection. The Programme is international, open to any nationalities. English will be used as the working language therefore, a strong English knowledge is required. All applicants must fill the application form and include a description of their professional background, motivation to take part in the Programme and special field of interest.

To apply, and for the application form, please visit website.


The Programme fee is 1.400 €.

The fee includes the use of office facilities, entry fees of museums and special events and public transport in Budapest and Vienna. It covers as well the production costs of the final show and the publication. Travel and accommodation expenses are NOT included.

The Programme is organised by BlockFrei (Vienna) and  cARTc space and project of contemporary art (Budapest).

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