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The VideoLake Festival 2012 pályázat

Majdnem teljes a Videolake Fesztivál zsűrije! Felkéréseinket eddig három fiatal kurátor fogadta el, Somosi Rita, Daniela Hahn és Nádudvari Noémi már biztosan részt vesznek a válogatásban. Az idén debütáló videó fesztivál az ARTplacc égisze alatt egy konténervárosban várja majd a Tihanyba látogató közönséget. A fesztivál Közép-Kelet Európából származó, de a világ bármely táján élő videó- és média művészek munkáit várja, idén “A víz legyen Veled” témakörben.

A zsűri által kiválasztott műveket nem csak Tihanyban, hanem Budapesten, Bécsben és Londonban is megnézheti majd a nagyérdemű, mint az ARTplacc levezető eseményeit – hasonlóan a Krisztina Palace-ban rendezett felvezető kiállításokhoz. Így az ARTplacc Fesztivál nemcsak 10 napig ígér minőségi szórakoztatást, hanem egy egész éven át ébren tartja a kortárs művészetek álommanóit.

A Videolake Fesztivál hivatalos nyelve az angol, tekintettel a külföldi művészekre és vendégekre.


Dear Applicant! The VideoLake Festival 2012 is now calling for entries!

The THEME of VideoLake  2012 is: MAY WATER SURROUND YOU

About the legal stuff (PLEASE READ!)

Videolake Festival invites all video artists and video creators to participate in this year’s events, which will take place in Tihany, Hungary, in August 2012.

The main purpose of the festival is the free presentation, promotion and development of  video and new media art of the CEE region, creating a new, alternative meeting point for emerging and established video and media artists from Hungary and the CEE region.


The festival call is open to every creator (individuals, groups or organisations) of any nationality and background from the CEE region.

The proposed video can be of any genre (video art, experimental video, animation). Duration under 10 min.

Entry fee: 10 €

Deadline: 1st June, 2012


Video format
Please send us your works in the best available quality ( HD if available) – upload it to your Vimeo account and share it with us (details on the Online Application Form)

Each Submission must comply with the following rules:

  • It must be an original work by you, meaning that you were one of the work’s principal creators and have the right to submit it to Videolake Festival
  • The Submission must not be an excerpt from a longer work.
  • No restrictions apply regarding the subject of the work.
  • The duration of the video should not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Accepted formats: .avi, .mpeg or .mov format.
  • Entry submissions that do not include all requested documents and files will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted.
  • The production company has no responsibility on copyrights of works that include images or music created by others than the submitting artist.
  • The artists, whose work will be selected, will be notified via e-mail by the organizers  of  Videolake Festival.
  • Works of art that offend human dignity or support discriminations against individuals or groups of people based on behaviour, race or nationality are not eligible for participation.
  • Parts of the festival may be filmed. Audience and artists whose work may appear in it agree to this unconditionally.
  • When a submission has been made, it cannot be withdrawn.


By submitting the entry form (email), you accept the festival’s regulations and permit

  • the free presentation of the proposed video in the context of Videolake Festival 2012 and in the future screenings, presentations and events orgainzed or curated by Videolake Festival
  • publication of videostills extracted from the video in the festival’s printed material, the festival’s website and press media
  • publication of the texts enclosed of the proposals ( cv, synopsis)

Please read carefully entry rules and regulations and fill the entry form. Works submitted without full video info and author’s cv will not proceed selection. The same if the entry form is semi-completed.


You are solely responsible and liable for the content you submit (and the consequences thereof) made under your name, e-mail address in the registration process. The content does not reflect the views of VideoLake Festival.

Videolake Festival does not screen any works that include hardcore pornography, real-life cruelty to humans or animals, illegal acts, or hateful messages.
You also agree that you will not submit any content for commercial or business purposes as it may adversely affect Videolake’s  ability to gain support from third parties who assist the continuation of the festival.

Videolake Festival reserves the right to delete or reject any content that Videolake in its sole discretion deems abusive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, and in violation of copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.


Sending proposals ( entry form and video)

Creators can send one or several proposals, filling in a separate entry form for each video.

Send the videos  via  our VIMEO account (Videolake Festival). If you do not have an account with Vimeo please create one, it’s FREE. (Upload your video, share it with Us only and make sure you authorise us to be able to download your work.)

Please note that you will also have to fill the entry form and upload a still image or a photograph for each video ( best resolution available).

Videolake Festival does not send printed material ( posters, program) to participant artist. Electronic material will be posted on the festival’s website:


Videolake Festival 2012 is scheduled to take place in Tihany, Hungary, 10-20 August 2012. Additional screenings and events will be organized in Budapest, Vienna and London (tbc) afterwards.  The complete screening program, exact dates and places will be posted on the festival website and published in the ARTplacc festival magazine. Selection and programming is decided only by the festival director and curators. The festival has the right to refuse participation without any further explanation.

Main Prize: 1000 EUR + a week holiday for two people in TIhany (Hungary)
Second prize: a weekend in Tihany for two people (Hungary)

All selected videos will be screened during the Videolake Festival.

More prizes will be offered by our Sponsors.

More info and detailed entry regulation at:


Please forward this information to any artist whose work fits into these areas.

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