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Young Package 2013

Nemzetközi csomagolási verseny 30 év alatti fiataloknak. A Young Package 2013 témája az Öregedés. A győztes díja 1250 €. Határidő: 2013. március 15.

A new issue of our packaging competition aimed at designers up to 30 years of age is here and it brings a new topic: AGEING. Prove your talent in contest organised by the Model Obaly company since 1996.

Design a packaging which will help seniors to overcome everyday difficulties and to facilitate
their path to full-fledged and active old age
. Participants can register in two categories, the winner will be awarded with 1250 €. The deadline is on 15 March 2013.

Theme for 2013: Ageing

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 605 million people over 60 live now on the Earth. Since 1980, their number has increased twice and by 2050 should exceed 2 billion, which will represent one-fifth of the total population of the planet population. At the same time, people over 80 will even quadruple. From the perspective of designers designing everyday objects, it is a great challenge and responsibility.

Ageing brings to human life many changes. Deteriorating eyesight, hearing and fine motor skills lead to the fact that we gradually start meeting difficulties where we did not expect them before. The packaging designed for healthy and strong people become an impregnable fortress, with which we will have to struggle daily. Even trivial problems can lead to feelings of inferiority and partial isolation of seniors from the company. Who are today‘s seniors and how do they live? What makes the life harder for them and what do they miss?

Design a packaging which will help seniors to overcome everyday difficulties and to facilitate their path to full-fledged and active old age. The participants should be sensitive to the principle of equal design and should realize that the packaging design only for the elderly, to some extent, supports their exclusion from society. In this spirit they should suggest packaging that will help seniors, but that will serve to other age groups, too. The designers should also think about the use of appropriate colors, typography, and of the proportionate size and materials.

Terms and conditions

The competition jury will mainly assess: innovativeness and creativity; package ergonomics; functionality; easy manipulation ( packages should be easily open by elder people or children as well ) environmental aspects; shape, and originality of the idea; constructional imaginativeness; quality presentation.

Participants will submit their entries in the form of a full-scale functional model. This means that it must be a functional mock-up; if it is designed to open, it must open. The model must be of high quality, with regard to potential representational and exhibition purposes.

In a strongly competitive environment, product packaging plays an important role. Its attractiveness and sales power are no longer determined only by properties and uniqueness of the product; often, it is the package that the customers go by. The competition category is not limited by existing products. The package should present new, original solutions and catch attention by its visionary design.

Competition entries will be accepted in two groups:

  1. University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age
  2. High-school students

Material used

Material used for competition work must be material that can be polygraphically processed and of the type used by the company Model Obaly, mainly a whole range of corrugated cardboard, smooth and mock-up board. Model Obaly company also uses polypropylene films, further printed and formed, and packaging made of a smooth cardboard. Designs combining both the cardboard and the polypropylene film shall be accepted for the competition. Model Obaly processes other types of paper and cardboard that may be used for competition entry. Detailed description of materials and their properties can be found here.


Entries sent by postal service will be accepted from participants registered through online registration form. High school, college, university students, and designers of up to 30 years of age can register. With their entries, participants do not include any CDs or portfolios; only the sent packages will be evaluated.

To register, participants use an online registration form placed on the competition website. Here, they will fill in personal data and entry description for the jury to use in the selection process. After the registration, participants will receive a registration code by e-mail. This code must be indicated both on the entry (in a subtle and elegant manner) and on the envelope or package in which the work will be sent. Consequently, the works will be judged anonymously.

You can find the registration form here.

If more works are registered, then each work must be registered separately. In case of more authors the work is registered only once, in the registration form there is a special line for the names
of all authors.

Registration online form will be closed 15 March 2013 at 1 p.m. (Central European Time)!

Sending the works

Competition entries must be mailed carefully wrapped so that they arrive undamaged, i.e. in a sufficient-sized box or envelope, in which it is stabilised and secured. On the envelope or package, the participants have to indicate their registration code.

Entries may either be sent by March 15, 2013 or delivered personally on the last day, i. e. March 15, 2013, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. to the address GALERIE/CZD, Vojtěšská 3, Praha 1, Czech Republic.

Entries are to be sent to the following address:
K Safině 562,
149 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic

Entries submitted only as CD presentation or in a portfolio will be excluded from the assessment process.

Notice for foreign participants: Your parcel should carry a Customs Authorities Statement: Package contains an object intended for the international Young Package competition; its value for the customs purposes does not exceed 10 EUR.

Competition entry and shipment costs are covered by the participants. Entries are not returned to the participants; they become the property of the competition organiser. Additional collection of entries in 2013 will not be allowed. Selected works will be donated to the design collection of National Technical Museum in Prague.

Ceremonial results announcement will be held in May 2013 in Prague.

Awards for the Winners

The authors of winning entries will be awarded with the following financial prizes:

University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age

  • 1st prize 1200 EUR
  • 2nd prize 400 EUR
  • 3rd prize 300 EUR

In this group the Prize of Slovak Design Centre will be awarded.

High-school students

  • 1st prize 800 EUR
  • 2nd prize 200 EUR
  • 3rd prize 120 EUR

The financial awards are donated by the competition’s promoter, Model Obaly company. The winners will also be given other different prizes offered by the competition’s partners.