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Arte Laguna Nemzetközi Művészeti Díj 2011

arte  laguna pályázatA 2011-es Arte Laguna Nemzetközi Művészeti Díjra művészek jelölését várják kortól, nemtől és nemzetiségtől függetlenül. A pályázaton minden művész egy vagy két alkotással vehet részt a következő kategóriákban: festmény, fénykép, szobor, videó, valamint előadó-művészeti alkotás.

Pályázati határidő: 2010. november 16. (postán), illetve 2010. december 10 (on-line).


Terms & Conditions

ART. 1 – Goal

The Italian Cultural Association MoCA (Modern Contemporary Art), in collaboration with Arte Laguna, organizes the Fifth International Art Prize “Arte Laguna”, aimed to the contemporary art promotion and valorization. The Prize is organized with the patronage of, among others, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  the Veneto Region, the European Institute of Design.
The Prize offers: money prizes; the organization of an important collective exhibition in the Arsenale of Venice; many exhibition in Art Galleries/Exhibition Spaces; the possibility to stay in Art Residencies and the official Catalogue pubblication.
The Prize is divided in five sections: painting, photographic art, sculpture, videoart and performance. Participants can choose the theme of their artworks.

ART. 2 – Eligible media
The Prize is open to all artists, without any limits of age, sex, nationality or other qualifications. Each artist can participate with one or two works, at one or more sections. Technical details:
Painting – works realized with technical and stylistic freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, etc.) on whichever support (canvas, paper, wood, plastics, iron, etc.).
The max dimensions allowed per each work are 150×150 cm.
Sculpture and installation – whichever organic or inorganic material. In the works you can use sounds, lights, videos, mechanical or electrical movements. The max dimensions allowed per each works are: base 4 meter, depth 4 m, height 4 m, weight 150 kg.
The artist, in case of being selected as finalists for the collective exhibition, has to provide to the Organization all the necessary materials in order to exhibit  the artwork and he should supervise the setting up.
Photographic Art – color and b/w analogical photos, color and b/w digital photos,  color and b/w digital elaborations,  works entirely created by computer. The max dimensions allowed per each works are 150×150 cm.
Video Art and animation – film, video and works with all the animation techniques on any digital and analog support. The works has to last as maximum 15 minutes, opening title and closing credits included. For the exhibition the artist has to send original works saved on DVD in high quality and in formats compatible with popular reading systems.
Performance – Each artist or group of artists can participate with one or more performances that can be performed using any technique, expressive form and with any support materials (video, music, etc.. to be provided and arranged by the artist in the case of beeing selected as finalist). Each performance has to last as maximum 10 minutes and to involve as maximum five artists.
Should be provided all copyright and SIAE rights.

ART. 3 – The Jury

The selection of the artworks will be carried out by the Jury composed by experts and important professionals of Contemporary Art:
Prize Curator:
Igor Zanti – Art Critic
Chiara Barbieri – Publications Director Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Rossella Bertolazzi – Director of IED
Monika Burian – Director of the International Contemporary Art Festival Tina B in Prague
Gianfranco Maraniello – Director of MAMbo of Bologna
Luca Panaro – Art Critic
Ludovico Pratesi – Director of Visual Arts Centre Pescheria of Pesaro
Maja Skerbot – Art Critic and curator
Valentina Tanni – Critic and one of the Exibart Founders
Matteo Zauli – Director of the Zauli Museum Italy

ART. 4 – Prizes


  • PRIZE Painting: 5.000,00 euro*
  • PRIZE Sculpture: 5.000,00 euro*
  • PRIZE Photographic Art: 5.000,00 euro*
  • PRIZE Videoart: 5.000,00 euro*
  • PRIZE Performance: 5.000,00 euro*

* On each cash prize will be made a withholding tax of about 25%. Cash prizes will be gived during the Awards Ceremony.

SPECIAL PRIZE BUSINESS FOR ART – Reserved for artists who participate with 2 works in the same section
Special Prize “Reil” Art Residence in Bahia Brazil + photo / video
Residence period of 30 days (flight, accommodation and facilities for meals) including assistance and materials. For the artisit the aim is to create an art project in one of the residential houses in Bahia.
Reserved for artists who participate with 2 works in the painting or sculpture section.

SPECIAL PRIZES “ARTIST IN RESIDENCE” – Reserved for artists who participate with 2 works in the same section

NEWS – Special Prize “Scuola del vetro Abate Zanetti”: reserved for artists who apply by the 3rd of November
Art Residence in Venice + realization of a project with the venetian glass masters+ final exhibition
1 month residency (accomodation included) with workshop, assistance of Glass School and final exhibition. The aim is to develop the project proposed for the Prize.
Reserved for artists who participate with 2 works in the same section.

Special Prize “Art Stays” Art Residence in Slovenia + final exhibition
ART STAYS, International Festival of Contemporary Art and the main annual event of visual arts in Slovenia. It offers a residence of seven days (accommodation and meals included) and the curators assistance for the development of a project that will be presented in a personal exhibition during Festival.
Reserved for artists who participate with 2 works in the same section.

Special Prize “Claudio Buziol Foundation” Art Residence in Venice + final exhibition

3 months residency (accomodation included) with a studio and assistance. The aim is to develop the project proposed for the Prize. The sponsor of this Residency will be the owner of the realized work during this period.
Reserved for artists who participate with 2 works in the same section.

Special Prize “Carlo Zauli Museum”  Art Residence in Faenza + final exhibition
1 month residency (accomodation and part of the expenses included) with assistance and materials. The artist will be involved full time in the museum activities with the aim to develop a personal project. The work will remain propriety of the artist.
Reserved for artists who participate with 2 works in the sculpture section.


Special Prize “Open”
Selection of 1 artist within the finalist ones in the sculpture section for partecipating in OPEN the 14th International Exhibition of Scupltures and Installations in outdoors in Venice during the Film Festival.

Special Prize “Tina B
Selection of a performance, the video will be presented in Prague, Vicenza, Gdańsk in the exhibition spaces of TINA B, The Prague Contemporary Art Festival 2011, will be part of Grenart and will be given a double page in the catalog.

Abnormals Gallery – Berlin
Anna Breda Arte Contemporanea – Padova
Anfiteatro Arte – Milan
Bugno Art Gallery – Venice
Cell 63 – Berlin
De Faveri Arte + Lab 610 XL – Feltre
Dora Diamanti artecontemporanea- Rome
EventiNove artecontemporanea – Turin and Borgomanero
Fabbrica Eos – Milan
For Gallery – Florence
Fu Xin Gallery – Shanghai
Fu Xin Gallery – Las Vegas
Fu Xin Gallery – New York
Giudecca 795 Art Gallery – Venezia
Galleria A+A  – Venice
Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi – Milan
Galleria Bianconi – Milan
Galleria d’Arte l’Occhio – Venice
DAC De Simoni Arte Contemporanea – Genova
Galleria Dell’Ombra – Brescia
Galleria Fiorella Pieri – Cesena
Galleria Gagliardi  – San Gimignano
Galleria PrimoPiano – Naples
Galerija Fotografija – Lubiana Slovenia
Koller Gallery – Budapest
Leo Galleries – Monza
MC2 Gallery – Milan
Mondo Bizzarro Gallery – Roma
Oltre Dimore – Bologna
Spazio Thetis – Venice
Studio Maffei – Milan
The Don Gallery – Milan
The Promenade Gallery – Vlore Albania
Yvonneartecontemporanea – Vicenza
Zaion Gallery – Biella

Personal exhibitions will included  setting up, opening and press releases that will be organized by each gallery. The winner artist should contact the gallery within 1 month from the Award Ceremony and the Vernissage of the main exhibition. Each gallery is responsible for the setting up and the organization of the exhibition. Each artist is responsible for covering transportation costs and of any insurances. The artworks will remain the propriety of the artists. Each gallery will agree with the artists the rate of the commission on the eventual selling price. Arte Laguna is only responsible for the dedicated section in the website of the Prize where will be published the winner works and some information about the personal exhibition.

Honorable mention will be decided by a committee made up of leading names in the art press:
Daniele Capra – Exibart
Elisa Delle Noci – Artkey
Lorella Pagnucco Salvemini – Arte In
Cristiano Seganfreddo – Innovation Valley
Chiara Somajni – Il Sole 24 Ore
Gloria Vallese – Arte Mondadori
Maurizio Zuccari – Inside Art

All works tha partecipated in the Arte Laguna Prize will be published on Facebook Fanpage.

ART. 5 –  Application fee

For the partial support of the organization expenses, the application fee is 50,00 euro for 1 work and 90,00 euro for 2 works proposed for the same section (see the art.6).
For the student under 25 and if they are attending in Art Schools, Fine Arts Accademies and IED, the application fee is 45,00 euro for 1 work and 80,00 euro for 2 works (Certificate of enrollment and attendane is required). If the artists participate with 2 works in the Prize in wichever section they can also participate, without any additional charge, in the Special Prize “ReiL” and in the “Special Prizes Artist in Residence” as written in the art.4. Artists must keep a copy of the payment. Application fees are no-refundable.

ART. 6 – Conditions of participation

All the artists can apply for the Prize within:
16th November 2010: mail applications (it is considered the date on the postmark)
10th December 2010: on-line applications

All the artists can apply for the Prizes in these ways:

1) On-line: by filling in the form at:

after the payment of the application fee.

2) by mail: sending the application in an envelope or giving the application to:
ARTE LAGUNA – Via Roma, 29/A – 31021 Mogliano (TV) – ITALY
with the following materials: – application form filled in (, – a short biography, – a picture of each works (minimum size: 15×20 cm; maximum size: 20x30cm) witten on the back the name, surname, country, title of the work, dimensions, technique, year, – copy of the payment of the application fee. The documentation and the photos won’t be given back.

All the artist can pay the application fee in these ways:

1. On-line with credit card: PAYPAL
(if the credit card in not registered with the artist’s name it is mandatory to write the name of the person who is named in the credit card in the application form)

2. by bank transfer addressed to Cultural Association MoCA, Preganziol (TV) Italy. Bank data: VENETO BANCA – IBAN: IT96D0541861800039570322845 – BIC: AMBPIT2M
with the reason of: “Iscrizione Concorso 2010, name, surname and telephone of the artist”
We don’t accept debit transfer of costs, if happens we will cancell your registration.

3. Personally in the Headoffice of the Prize: Arte Laguna – Via Roma 29/A – Mogliano (TV) Tel. +39 041 5937242 from Monday to Friday during the following hours: 9.30am -12.30am e 2.30pm-6pm

4. WesternUnion: to Laura Gallon – Mogliano Veneto (TV) Italy – the transaction fees are up to the sender. It is mandatory to specify the transaction code in the application form. We don’t accept debit transfer of costs, if happens we will cancell your registration.

We can’t accept cheque

ART.7 – Selection Process and the Collective Exhibitions

The Jury will select 200 artworks (40 Painting, 40 Sculpture, 40 Photographic art, 40 Videoart, 40 Performance). To the finalist artists it will be required to send an e-mail with a exhaustive dossier and a folder of 10 works done. The Jury will select 110 finalist works (30 Painting, 30 Sculpture, 30 Photographic art, 10 Videoart, 10 Performance) that will take part to the Collective Exhibition in Venice.
Further works will be selected in the Under 25 applications for an exhibition at the Romanian Cultural and Humanistic Research Institute in Venice
The name of the winners will be public during the Award Cerimony.
Arte Laguna is responsible for the organization and the setting up of these two exhibitons. Each artist is responsible for covering transportation costs (whole round trip) and of any insurances of his work.

ART. 8 – Responsabilities

The organization, the Cultural Association MoCA and Arte Laguna,  by assuring the greatest care and custody of the works, refuses wichever responsibility in case of thefts, fire or any damages to whichever painting or person that could occur during the event. Any insurance request will be supported by the Artists. Each Artist must keep informed about the news of the Prize, that will be updated in the website The organization will send all the pertinent communications by e-mail. Therefore the artist are schould give to organization a valid e-mail address and read the mail daily.

ART. 9 – Agreement

The decisions of the Jury are irrevocable. The winner artists have the right to renounce the prizes but without asking Arte Laguna any kind of compensation. In that case the prize will be re-assigned according to the ranking made by the Jury. Each Artist gives to Arte Laguna the right of replication of the works and of the texts for the realization of the Catalogue, the archive of entries, the publication on-line of the artworks and any other form of communication and organization activities. Each Artist gives to the Cultural Association MoCA and Arte Laguna the authorization to the treatment of the personal data according to the privacy law (Legislative Decree n° 675/96 and n° 196/2003).
The participation to the prize implies the knowledge and the total acceptance of this regulation.