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Dizining Innovative Design Competition

Innovatív Design pályázat építészek, éptészhallgatók, mérnökök, dizájnerek részére. A pályázat olyan innovatív ötleteket vár a funkcionális programok, esztétika és térszervezés terén,amelyek újradefiniálják az ökologikus építészeti tervezés fogalmát.


Díjak: 1. díj: 1000 USD; 2. díj: 250 USD; 3. díj: építészeti könyvek.

Jelentkezés, nevezési díjak

  • Korai regisztráció időszaka: 2012. március 6-ig, nevezési díj: 30 USD
  • Késői regisztráció időszaka: 2012. március 7. – 2012. április 6. között, nevezési díj: 55 USD

Dizining is pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and architecture fans from around the world to take part in the Dizining Spring 2012 Innovative Competition. Established in 2012, the annual Innovative Competition is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for ecological-multi-function program buildings. It recognizes exceptional ideas that redefine the ecological architectural design through the implementation of new fresh technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations along with studies on urban transformation, globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital insurgency. It is an opportunity that examines the relationship between the ecological vs. functional combination and the natural world, architectural-design and the community, and the building and its relationship to the city and citizens.
The participants should take into consideration the advances in technology, the exploration of sustainable systems, and the establishment of new urban and architectural methods to solve economic, social, and cultural problems of the contemporary city including the scarcity of natural resources and infrastructure and the exponential increase of inhabitants, pollution, economic division, and unplanned urban collapse.
The competition is an investigation on the public and private space and the role of the individual and the collective in the creation of a dynamic and adaptive vertical/horizontal community. It is also a response to the investigation and adaptation of new habitats and territories based on a dynamic equilibrium between man and nature – a new kind of responsive and adaptive design capable of intelligent growth through the self-regulation of its own systems.
There are no restrictions in regards to site, program or size. The objective is to provide maximum freedom to the participants to engage the project without constraints in the most creative way. What is an ecological multi-functional building in the 21st century? What are the historical, contextual, social, urban, and environmental responsibilities of these mega-structures?
Dizining is committed to continue stimulating the imagination of designers around the world – thinkers that initiate a new architectural discourse of economic, environmental, intellectual, and perceptual responsibility that could ultimately modify what we understand as a contemporary skyscraper, its impact on urban planning and on the improvement of our way of life.

Architects, students, engineers, and designers are invited to participate in the competition. We encourage you to have multidisciplinary teams.

  • Participants must register by May 04, 2012.
  • Early Registration:  US $30 until March 06, 2012.
  • Late Registration: US $55 from March 07, 2012 to April 06, 2012.
  • One registration = One project
  • Participants may submit various projects, but must register each entry.
  • There is no limit as to the number of participants per team. Individual entries are accepted.


  • January 05, 2012 – Competition announcement, registration begins, acceptance of questions.
  • March 05, 2012 – Deadline for submitting questions.
  • March 06, 2012 – Early registration deadline
  • March 30, 2012 – Answers to questions posted on website
  • April 06, 2012 – Late registration deadline
  • May 15, 2012 – Project submission deadline (23:00 hours US Eastern Time)
  • July 30, 2012 – Winners’ announcement

Submission Requirements

This is a digital competition and no hardcopies are necessary. Entrants must submit their proposal via email no later than May 15, 2012 (23:00 hours US Eastern Time) to the following email address: Participants can send their entries through (free) or similar if the files exceed 10mb or their email capacity.

The project submission must contain the following files:

  1. Two boards with the project information including plans, sections, and perspectives. Participants are encouraged to submit all the information they consider necessary to explain their proposal. These boards should be 24″(h) X 48″(w) in HORIZONTAL format. The resolution of the boards must be 150 dpi, RGB mode and saved as JPG files. The upper right corner of each board must contain the participation number. There should not be any marks or any other form of identification. The files must be named after the registration number followed by the board number. For example: 0101-1.jpg and 0101-2.jpg.
  2. A DOC file containing the project statement (500 words max). This file must be named after the registration number followed by the word “statement”. For example: 0101-statement.doc.
  3. A DOC file containing the entrants’ personal information, including name, profession, address, and email. This file must be named after the registration number followed by the word “info”. For example: 0101-info.doc.
  4. All the files must be placed in a ZIP folder named after your registration number. For example:


  1. This is an anonymous competition and the registration number is the only means of identification.
  2. The official language of the competition is English.
  3. The registration fee is non-refundable.
  4. Contacting the Jury is prohibited.
  5. Dizining, as the competition organizer, reserves the right to modify the competition schedule if deemed necessary.
  6. Entrants will be disqualified if any of the competition rules are not considered.
  7. Participation assumes acceptance of the regulations.


  • 1st place – US $1000
  • 2nd place – US $250
  • 3rd place – Free Architectural Book

Winners and special mentions will be published in several prints around the world Including DStudio101.