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Henkel csomagolástervezési pályázat

henkel pályázatAdhesives Packaging Design Contest néven egy ragasztóanyag csomagolástervére írt ki pályázatot a Henkel. A munkákat több kategóriában – kétkomponensű ragasztóanyagok és összekeverés, ragasztóanyagok alkalmazása, ragasztóanyagok adagolása, valamint a ragasztó kinyitása és visszazárása – március 18-ig várják az interneten. Az első három helyezett háromezer, ezerötszáz, illetve ötszáz euró pénzjutalomban részesül.

Henkel offers strong brands and technologies in three areas of competence: Home Care, Personal Care and Adhesive Technologies. Besides the industrial adhesive technologies (transportation, electronics, aerospace, metal, durable goods, maintenance and repair and packaging industries) Henkel’s portfolio encompasses a broad range of consumer and craftsmen adhesives.

What is the contest about?
The Henkel Adhesive Packaging Design Contest is about developing innovative ideas and designs for the packaging of Henkel consumer adhesive products. Join the community to submit your ideas and designs and to comment on those of fellow participants. Win attractive cash prices for submitted ideas (up to 3,000 Euros) or become the Most Valuable Participant and receive valuable non-monetary prizes.

The contest addresses packaging designers, design students and amateur designers as well as users of Henkel consumer adhesives from all around the world who are interested in sharing and discussing innovative packaging ideas and solutions.

You are invited to provide us with a new perspective and creative designs. Your designs should be convincing for consumers e.g. due to new features and benefits, innovative technical solutions or materials or emotional and aesthetical appeal.

Join the community and contribute your ideas!

Important Dates

  • Start of the contest: February 7th 2011
  • End of submission: March 18th 2011
  • Jury Meeting: April 2011
  • Announcement of winners: May 2011

Idea Submission
The submission of ideas is really easy. You can enter your idea with the help of an easy-to-use submission procedure.

For the submission of an idea, please complete the following steps:

  • Get informed about the topic of the contest
    Read through the information provided on this page
  • Choose one or more categories for your entry (see description below)
    1. Adhesive Dosage & Application
    2. 2-Component-Adhesives & Mixing
    3. Opening and Closure
    4. Other
  • Develop your idea
  • Upload your design and describe your idea
    1. Upload your design (JPG, GIF or PNG, max. 5 MB, min. 500 by 500 px)
    2. Enter a title for your idea
    3. Describe all functional aspects of your design (e.g. volume, size, material like liquid, gel, paste, solid, manufacturing process etc.)
    4. Describe the main benefits of your design (Why is your design special?)
  • Add further attachments to your design contribution (optional)
  1. Upload additional images (JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .IGS, STP, .3DS, VRML; max. 5 MB)
  2. Upload documents (DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT, TXT, CSV)
  3. –    Add video
    1. Add Tags (optional)
    2. Submit your idea

The evaluation of the designs by the community as well as the jury is based on the following criteria:

  1. Sustainability: Material, Transport, Storage, Recycle/Reuse
  2. Innovativeness: Technical solution
  3. Convenience: Health & Safety, Easy to use, Self explaining
  4. Performance: Contribution to solution
  5. Aesthetical appeal: Attractiveness (for purchase)

You can indicate your evaluation of an idea by assigning 1 to 5 stars to each criteria of the design. The average rating is displayed within the idea pool. For selecting the winners of the contest, the jury will also look at your evaluations.

Beside the possibility of evaluating the designs of others, you can also post comments on every design or reply to the comments of others. Besides increasing your chances to be selected as the Most Valuable Participant, this also supports the jury in finding the winners. To add comments, you can use the convenient commenting function at the bottom of each idea.
You can also leave public messages to other community members on their profiles by using the message-function on the member’s profile.
An expert team from various functions within Henkel will also participate in the discussion and give feedback during the contest. Members of the Henkel expert team are identified by a Henkel logo in their profile picture.

Tag  Cloud
To explore the designs, you can use the tag cloud. The tag cloud is a visual depiction of keywords which lead you to a list of ideas that are associated with the keyword you have selected. The tag cloud features all the tags you and other contestants have attached to the designs. The larger the tag appears the more designs are attached to it.

Selection of the winners
Judging is private and the jury is composed of an international group of experts and designers that has been selected by Henkel AG & Co. KGaA. The jury is responsible for the selection of the 3 best freely created designs. The members of the jury will consider the opinions of the community, nominations made by the Henkel expert team (comprising of design and business experts from Henkel), and the evaluation criteria (Sustainability, Innovativeness, Convenience, Performance, Aesthetical appeal).

The jury also determines the Most Valuable Participant of the contest. Candidates are nominated by the Henkel contest team that participated in the discussion on the platform. Criteria for a nomination are activity in the discussion during the contest, quality of contributions and support for other members.

In order to participate in the contest, you need to register. As a registered user you can submit your designs, read, evaluate and comment other designs and become a candidate for the prizes. To finalize your registration, you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions. You will receive a confirmation email including an activation link. In case you want to use your facebook-account just click on the „f-connect”-button on the upper right corner.

To register, please complete the following steps:

  1. Login information (mandatory)
  2. Personal information (partly mandatory)
  3. Interest in further idea and design contests (optional)
  4. Agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the contest (mandatory)
  5. Register

Terms and Conditions
To be eligible to take part in the contest, submit designs and win one of the great prizes, you only need to become a registered user and agree with the Terms and Conditions of the contest.


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