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Híd Budapest Ösztöndíj – Bridge Budapest Fellowship

A Híd Budapest Ösztöndíj célja, hogy teljes finanszírozású ösztöndíjat biztosítson magyar diákok számára a jelenleg ismert internettes cégeknél, mint a Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud stb. Az ösztöndíjat 8-10 pályázó nyerheti el. Az ösztöndíj mellé kapsz egy mentor céget, az ösztöndíj idejére egy smatphone-t, retúr repülőjegyet, szállást, biztosítást…stb, hogy részt tudjál venni a meetingeken. Jelentkezési határidő: 2013 május 6.

Bridge Budapest Fellowship for Talents
We offer a fully financed fellowship program for Hungarian university students (graduate and post-graduate) to gain practical experience from companies like Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud. We also invite students from all around the world to do fellowships at Logmein, Prezi or Ustream. We would like you to share your experience with other people.
​Why should I become a fellow?
Today people create and develop ideas every day but behind every idea there is always a person and sometimes a company. Bridge Budapest offers you a chance to discover the inner workings of some of the most impressive internet companies in San Francisco, Boston, Berlin and Budapest. We’d like to share this experience with you because we have experienced the power of dreams and the ability to make something out of them ourselves. In addition, we would like to encourage more people to have a dream in Hungary and also have the courage to make these dreams come true.
​We give the possibility for the most 8-10 impressive applicants.
You will get a mentor in the company in your chosen field to navigate and help you.
Tools we give you during your fellowship: smartphone, airplane ticket (return), accomodation, insurance, allowance, help with visa process.
Participate in meetings.
Join at least 2 meetups in the city during the fellowship.
Make a 10-minute film with a smartphone, to find the answer to the question (making interviews, collecting stories at the company): How did this company achieve this success from scratch?
How can you apply?
It will require some work on your side. First of all, fill the form.
After submitting the application, we filter and give tasks to solve.  During a few rounds we decide who the most impressive applicants are. Of course we meet, Bridge Budapest suggests and finally the host companies decide about the fellows.
Opening of the application: 10 April 2013
Application deadline: 6 May 2013
Decision notification: June-July 2013
Period of the fellowships: From July 2013
Application video: Answer the questions. Record yourself by using any camera and send/attach the answer to us in English. The answer should be 2 minutes at longest:
Internet means to me…
What does ‘everyday hero’ mean?
Please upload your video to
Application presentation
Introduce yourself. Attach it in English. Use: powerpoint, prezi, soundcloud or anything else to express your thoughts and skills. Provide the link to your presentation by using Prezi, or upload to
If you have any questions, please contact:​ Veronika Pistyur