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Tudományos publikációs pályázat roma témakörben

A pályázatot romák, cigányok illetve utazók (travellers) körében végzett kutatásokkal foglalkozó fiatal kutatók számára írták ki, akik jelentős eredményeket értek el eddigi kutatásaikban. A pályázat tárgya egy 50 oldalasnál nem hosszabb, angol nyelvű tudományos írás, amelyet eddig még tudományos folyóiratban vagy kötetben még nem publikáltak. A legjobb tanulmány írója 500 USD díjazásban részesül, és az írást a Romani Studies szakfolyóiratban megjelentetik. A dolgozatot e-mail mellékletként kell elküldeni a megadott címre.

Gypsy Lore Society Young Scholar’s Prize in Romani Studies

The Gypsy Lore Society established the Gypsy Lore Society Young Scholar’s Prize in Romani Studies for the best unpublished paper by a young scholar on a topic in Gypsy and Traveler Studies. The prize is a cash award of $500. The winning paper will be published, after any necessary revisions, in an issue of the journal Romani Studies.

Papers written in English by undergraduate students, graduate students beyond their first year of study and those holding the Ph.D. who are no more than three years beyond the awarding of the degree at the time of submission are eligible to compete. Any topic that would be deemed appropriate for the journal Romani Studies will be considered. In order to be eligible, the submitted paper must be unpublished and not under consideration for publication at the time of submission. However, papers that have appeared in a „working paper” series are still eligible for consideration in the competition. Those that have appeared in conference proceedings volumes of any sort are not eligible, unless they are substantially revised and/or expanded. Written versions of papers that have been presented at a conference are eligible, as are papers based on chapters of dissertations or M.A. theses (raw dissertation chapters or M.A. theses themselves are not eligible). In all cases, however, the selection committee will look for self-contained scholarly articles of publishable quality that treat some relevant topic in an interesting and insightful way.

The prize committee also invites submissions in languages other than English. The committee will identify suitable referees for such languages, but if it cannot find them, then the paper is not accepted for this year’s prize.

The deadline for receipt of papers for the current cycle is October 30, 2011. The screening committee expects to make the announcement of the winner by January 30, 2011. The committee reserves the right not to award the prize in a given year. Interested scholars should submit their papers along with an abstract (no longer than 250 words) to the e-mail address below.

Submissions should follow the following format: Maximum length: 50 pages; font: Times New Roman; size: 12 point; spacing: 1.5; header or footer maximum: 2.5 cm or 1.5 in. The header must contain only the title and the footer must contain only the page numbering.
Submission file format is rich text file (RTF, MS Word compatible). Files bigger than five MB should be sent on CD to the postal address below. A cover sheet should be included, with the title of the paper, the author’s name, affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, date of entrance into an appropriate program or of awarding of the Ph.D., and US social security number, if the author has one. Your name should appear on the cover sheet only.

Send to:

Katalin Kovalcsik
Gypsy Lore Society Prize Competition
Institute of Musicology
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Pf 28
H-1250 Budapest