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Winter School on Law and Finance – Jogi és pénzügyi téli iskola diákoknak (Columbia Egyetem, Párizs)

Winter School on Law and Finance – Jog és pénzügy téli iskola diákoknak (Cloumbia Egyetem, Párizs). A Columbia Egyetem ad helyet a 2014 január 6-9. között megrendezendő Jog és pénzügy téli iskolának, Párizsban a Global Centerben. Az iskolába jogi-, gazdasági területen tanuló végzős vagy PhD hallgatók és fiatal kutatók jelentkezését várják. A részvétel ingyenes. Az Intézet 300 $-ig utazási és szállásfinanszírozási ösztöndíjat nyújt a jelentkezők számára. Jelentkezés 2013 november 18.

The Institute will host the Winter School on Law and Finance at Columbia University’s Global Center in Paris on January 6-9, 2014. The school is designed as a four-day intensive offering to familiarize students, postdocs, and young researchers with theories about the relation between law and finance, including new theoretical approaches such as the Legal Theory of Finance (LTF). The course, taught by Katharina Pistor, Columbia University, Brigitte Haar, Goethe University Frankfurt, and Dan Awrey, University of Oxford, will combine theoretical lectures with case studies that will introduce students to contractual documents and legal architectures of the global financial system. Syllabus and schedule here.

The school will precede the annual workshop of the Global Law in Finance Network (GLawFiN), which is co-funded by the Institute and the Max Planck Society. School participants are welcome to attend the open Workshop on Finance and Justice on Friday, January 10, 2014.

Costs and Application

Participation is free for those accepted. The Institute provides accommodations at no cost from January 5 to January 10, 2014, and offers travel stipends of up to $300. Participants are responsible for booking their own travel and must submit receipts.

To apply, you must be a graduate student, postdoc, or young researcher in law, economics, and related fields. Just complete this web form before November 18, 2013, 11:59PM (EST).



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