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Call for Tenders about Security Service

We are announcing that we would like to put security service out to tender as follows:


Service: Name Security Service for The residence of Ambassador of the Republic of Korea
Address : 1121, Mátyás király út 14c, Budapest, Hungary
Term: 2024.2.1. – 2024.12.31
Scope: Everyday (Including Saturday, Suday, Holidays), Night watch (22:00 – 08:00)
Basic cost: USD 32,745 Lower limit rate* 87.995%
*Proposal over 87.995% of the cost estimate, ±2% of the basic cost, is valid

A. The tenderer must be qualified according to either relative Hungarian law or Korean Law.
B. The tenderer in the process of liquidation, merger, acquisition or is planning any of these processes shall not participate in tendering.
C. Deadline for tender submission is until January 30th, can be extended if necessary.

Site visit

  • The tenderer who submits the Required documents and qualify the criteria, will be invited.

Presentation of tender

A. Required documents

  • Application and commitment
  • Copy of the business license or legal document
  • Financial status
  • Reference

Download documents
Call for tender(2024)revised version_02
Application and commitment(2024)

B. Email to submit :, ;

Further inquiry
Korean Embassy
Tel: +36 (1) 462 3080