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Európai díj fiataloknak a szociális gazdaságban

european prizeA PEFONDES (Brüsszel) „Európai Díjat” hirdet meg a fiataloknak a szociális gazdaságban történő foglalkoztatására. A díj célja a szociális gazdaság (pl. nonprofit szervezetek, termelési és értékesítési szövetkezetek stb.) fiatalok által kezdeményezett és fiataloknak munkahelyet teremtő innovatív vállalkozói programjainak az elismerése két kategóriában: (1.) Az szociális gazdaság öt évnél fiatalabb szervezetei számára. (10, 000 euro); (2.) Szociális gazdaságban tevékenykedő szervezet létrehozása (8,000 euro).

Csak angolul vagy franciául lehet pályázni 1-1 díjra.
További információ:
Sophie Chiha, coordinator, European Network of the Foundations for Social Economy,

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Category 1: Application form for social economy enterprises

Application form – Social economy enterprise

Category 2 : Application form for planned social economy enterprises

Application form – Planned social economy enterprise

For youth employment in the Social Economy”

This prize is designed to reward any entrepreneurial initiative in the social economy, initiated by young people and capable of providing employment for young people.

Who may take part?

Category 1

Existing social economy enterprises:

  • Whose head office is based in one of the member states of the European Union
  • Which were created after January 31, 2006 by at least two young people (aged 18-30 years old)
  • Which have created jobs for young people

Category 2

Planned social economy enterprises:

  • Which are to be developed in one of the member states of the European Union
  • Initiated by at least two young people (18-30 years old)
  • Likely to create jobs for young people


The Prizes

  • Category 1: A social economy enterprise founded during the last five years will receive a prize of €10,000.
  • Category 2: A planned social economy enterprise will receive a prize of €8,000 and financing to help set up the enterprise (up to a maximum of €5,000).

The winning entrepreneurial initiatives will then be modelled in order that these may be developed in, and/or transferred to other countries of the European Union.

The principles of the social economy:

  1. Free association: the willingness to satisfy a need and to serve a useful purpose.
  2. Democratic power sharing: social economy enterprises are comprised of members who are considered joint and equal concerning their duties and rights.
  3. Solidarity within the group in which each participant is involved. This requires coherence between the economic and social aspects.
  4. The individual non-aggregation of profit, which excludes personal enrichment. Money is viewed as a tool making it possible to meet the objectives which have been set.
  5. The quality of the products and services, which widens the scope for participation and for the harmonious development of the enterprise with the goal of both individual and collective promotion.
  6. Personal self-fulfilment: social economy enterprises clearly state that their end purpose is to be of service to man and society.