Young Scholar Event Grants – INET nemzetközi támogatás rendezvények megvalósítására és rendezvényeken való részvételre

Az INET (Institut for New Economic Thinking) diákok által szervezett rendezvények, események, workshopok, egyéb ötletek megvalósítását és az eseményeken az új gazdasági gondolkodást népszerűsítő kezdeményező diákokat támogatja. Elsősorban az új gazdasági, közgazdasági gondolkodást előtérbe helyező kezdeményezések nyernek támogatást. A támogatásra a világ minden részéről jelentkezhetnek egyetemi vagy főiskolai hallgatók. A támogatás összege: akár 5000 $ is lehet. A támogatási összeg felhasználható szállás-, utazási költségek fedezésére, a meghívott előadók bérének fizetésére, marketing-, promóciós anyagok elkészítésére.

Have an idea for an event, and the energy to execute it? INET supports student-organized events to promote new economic thinking at colleges and universities worldwide.

Mainly we are looking for events that foster conversation between the new economic thinkers of the future (that’s you!) and the new economic thinkers of the present (such as INET grantees or other members of the INET Community). Many formats are possible: conference, workshop, seminar, mini school, or something we haven’t thought of yet. The Young Scholar Event Grants are there to help you put your ideas into practice.

How much? And what for?

We support your events up to $5000, but favor smaller sums. We cover hotel and travel costs for guest speakers, expenses for food and beverages, event promotion and marketing materials, etc.

Who can apply? What are the application requirements?

To apply, you must be a student of economics or related fields at a college or university. Justcomplete this web form. A committee of INET economists will review the submission, and contact you. The review process will be interactive – a conversation between us – at the end of which the committee makes a recommendation to the INET President and Director of Research, who decides within two weeks. The whole process should last no more than four weeks.

We do not fund last-minute proposals. Plan ahead.

In addition to the proposal, we ask that you document support from your home institution. There are no formal requirements on how such support should be expressed – for example, a signed letter from the dean stating that your department supports the event and will provide the event space would suffice. In addition, we ask that one or more local faculty members participate in the event in some capacity. For example, a professor at your home institution may serve as discussant for the invited guest speaker, or participate in a panel, or moderate a roundtable discussion. Again, a signed letter confirming participation suffices.

To sum up, we ask for three documents:

  • Event proposal including itemized budget
  • Evidence of institutional support
  • Evidence of local faculty participation

Questions? Email to