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Canon női fotóriporter díj – Canon Female Photojournalist Award 2013

A The Association des Femmes Journalistes és a Canon France közös díja női fotóriportek számára. A nyertes díja: 8000 euro. A női fotóriportek társadalmi, gazdasági, politikai vagy kulturális projektekkel pályázhatnak. A pályázatok beadási ideje 2013 május 31.

This year (2013) the Association des Femmes Journalistes (The Association of Women Journalists), an organisation promoting women in the media, and Canon France, the photographic equipment manufacturer, distributor and importer, in association with Images-Evidence, wish to give a female photojournalist, here after the « Applicant », an award of  8000 Euros, endowed by Canon France. The Award is supported by Le Figaro Magazine.

The Canon Female Photojournalist Award granted by the AFJ is presented to a female photojournalist in activity who wishes to cover a social, economic, political or cultural subject in a journalistic manner, on presentation of a dossier, including the documents and works stipulated in Article 5.

The Award will be given to an individual photojournalist and not to a group, without any consideration of her nationality.
The Award is given in order to allow the winner to carry out the photo-reportage which has been presented for the Award.

Entry is free. The application dossier must be postmarked no later than May 31th 2013 and must be sent without acknowledgement of receipt tothe following address:

Application dossiers can be downloaded on the website:
NB : Application dossiers will not be returned to applicants.

The applicant agrees that, should she obtain the Award, she will include the title « Winner of the Canon Female Photojournalist Award granted by the AFJ » in the photo-reportage and in all communication connected with it and that she will keep the AFJ, Canon and Images-Evidence informed about the progress of the project and what results she has obtained. She also agrees to let the AFJ and/or Canon France present her photographs financed with the award, for an exhibition of the works of the award winners, and the publication of a catalogue, whatever the period.

The applicant agrees that, should she obtain the Award, she will not present the same project for any other Award untilthe Visa Pour l’Image –Perpignan Festival 2014, when her work financed by the award will be exhibited or presented during an evening show.
In June 2013, the jury will start selecting and studying the dossiers before choosing the winner. The applicant agrees that, should she obtain the Award, she will be in Perpignan on the 7th of September 2014to attend theevening projection of the 25thInternational Festival of  Photojournalism « Visa pour l’Image-Perpignan », where she will be presented with the Award by representatives of the AFJ and Canon.

The winner will receive the 8000 euros in 2 parts : the first one at Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan in September, and the second one after showing the first part of her work to Visa, AFJ and Canon six months later.

The Applicant chosen by the jury will receive a notification. In the event that the Applicant should not attend this notification, she will be disqualified.

Should she obtain the Award, the Applicant agrees to finish her photo-reportage by the 15th of April 2014at the latest, to enable her work to be available for exhibition or showing evening during the 26th International Festival  of Photojournalism « Visa pour l’Image-Perpignan » which will take place during the first two weeks of September 2014.
For the publicity related to the prize, the winner commits to give three high-resolutionimages free of charge on a CD Rom as well as a portrait of herself to Canon France, the AFJ and Images-Evidence.

Once her work has been completed, she also commits to give three photos free of charge to the latter and à CD with all the high-resolutionimages from the project she realised thanks to the award.
In 2013, the Figaro Magazine is sostaining the present award. The Figaro Magazine may publish the winner’s report, since the period of the 2013Festival Visa pour l’image. The winner agrees to be eventually published and will discuss, if it happens, the terms of the contract with the magazine’s team.
The Winner agrees not to reapply for a period of 5 years. Under no circumstances will the Award be given to the same applicant two years running.

The jury, which will be made up of members of the AFJ and people in the profession, will give the Award based on the professional qualities of the applicant and the relevance and originality of the project.
The jury’s decision is final and will be carried by majority vote after due deliberation. The jury can decide not to give the Award if it considers that none of the applications is worthy of it.

Application conditions
The conditions are as follows:

  • applicants must be female
  • applicants must have completed at leastone photo-reportage (published or unpublished)
  • applicants must be professional photojournalists
  • applicants must be able to write and speak in French or English

Applicants must send one copyof their application. The format has to be A4, unbound.

The application dossier will include the following items in the order given below:

  1.  signed application form,
  2. a photocopy of the applicant’s identity card or passport,
  3. an affidavit stating that the candidate is a professional photojournalist (attestation of honor written by the photographer or from an agency or from a newspaper)
  4. a curriculum vitae,
  5. a letter in support of the application including a description of the photo-reportage project (maximum 3 typed pages). This letter must remain anonymous and must not contain anything that would allow the candidate to be identified.
  6. a projected budget for the photo-reportage project for which the Award is to be used if obtained. If the financing of the project is to be extended to other partners, these must be approved by Canon France, the AFJ and Images-Evidence who reserve the right not to cite them,
  7. a photo-reportage in black and white or colour : between 10 and 20 pictures on a CD Rom (only CD’s will be taken under consideration)
  8. Material specifications for CD Rom

Canon France, the AFJ and Images-Evidence reserve the right to cancel granting the Award under the present rules at any time and for whatever reason.

Registration and Consultation of the Entry Rules
The entry rules for this Award were registered with Maître Jacques Augeard, bailiff (Paris).
These entry rules will be sent free of charge if requested from the AFJ.
These rules are only subject to French law. Only the French language version of the rules shall be deemed authentic in the event of litigation.

Download documents


The application dossier must be postmarked no later than 31 May 2013and must be sent by post without any acknowlegment of receipt to the following address:
Prix Canon de de la femme photojournaliste
Images-Evidence -Visa pour l’Image-Perpignan
4, rue Chapon,Bât B
75003 Paris