A szöuli Művészeti Múzeum művészeti ösztöndíja

Vizuális művészeknek, nemre, korra, nemzetiségre való tekintet nélkül ösztöndíjat hirdet a szöuli Művészeti Múzeum(SeMA). A Nanji Alkotóházi Ösztöndíj (SeMA Nanji Residency) fedezi a szállást, a repülőjegyeket és egy privát, 22,5 négyzetméteres stúdiót. 2014-ben januártól márciusig, áprilistól júniusig, júliustól szeptemberig és októbertől decemberig 3-3 művész juthat ki a Koreai Köztársaságba az ösztöndíj keretében.

Jelentkezési határidő: 2013. augusztus 29.

SeMA Nanji Residency Program: 2014 Open-Call for International Artists

SeMA Nanji Residency(SNR) is a Seoul Museum of Art(SeMA) affiliate. Founded in 2006, SNR aims to support artists from around the world over various fields of the visual arts for their creative work. Located in the beautiful Worldcup Park along Seoul’s Han River, the tranquil environment inspires residents within the city boundary. SNR is valued for providing artists a closer networking with both local and international communities through its strategic location of being near Seoul’s most thriving art sector.

  • Application Deadline: August 29. 2013
  • Application Period: August 12. – 29. 2013

Residency Program for artists and curators in visual arts

Select a schedule among the following periods: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, and Oct-Dec
(3 artists per each session)

Application Procedure
Access the SeMA Nanji Residency website (http://semananji.seoul.go.kr) -> Click the English menu on the upper right side of the screen -> Join our web site, fill the application form and upload a PDF file (including Planning Statement, Portfolio, CV or resume, and a copy of passport. Please combine the contents into one PDF file. You can refer to attached sample file.)

* The online application will be closed at 18:00 August 29 Thursday 2013 (Korea Time). As you may expect a rush in of online traffic near the deadline, please submit your applications in advance.

* Please be advised that the application will not be accepted and registered after the deadline.


  • No limitation on age, nationality (except for Korean citizens) or gender

Participating in SNR’s Programs including Exhibitions and Presentations

Benefits for 2014 Residents

  • A Private Studio(22.5m2): bedding and an indoor sink (a communal kitchen, showers and laundry rooms)
  • Financial support for airplane ticket

Notification will be sent within a month after the application deadline.

Phone: +82-(0)2-308-1071
Email: semananji@seoul.go.kr
Homepage: http://semananji.seoul.go.kr/
Address: SeMA Nanji Residency
108-1, Haneulgongwon-ro (481-6 Sangam-dong), MAPO-GU, SEOUL, 121-832, KOREA