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Pályázat konzuli irodaház tervezésére és felügyeletére (X)

Meghívásos pályázati felhívás a Koreai Nagykövetség ingatlan területén (Budapest, Andrássy út 109.) konzuli irodaház tervezésére és felügyeletére valamint a kapcsolódó munkálatokra.


The purpose of this tendering procedure is to invite Tenders by restricted invitation to submit their tender for the design and supervision (completed construction and inspection) of a consular office building and the related works on the property of the Korean Embassy (Budapest, Andrássy út 109.).

The purpose of the invitation to tender is to select those tender which offers the best overall value for project realization.

Information about the Client (Embassy of the Republic of Korea):

  • H-1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 109, 1,433m2
  • Service amount : 165,000 USD(VAT included)
  • Estimated construction cost : about 1,000,000 USD
    • The above amount and construction cost may be adjusted according to the circumstances of the ordering party.
  • Task Description
    • Design Focus
      1. New Extension of the Consular office building
      2. Refurbishment of the main building and the consular office building.
        • Development of a new communal area (kitchen and fitness area/locker rooms (the main building)
        • Modification of reception area on ground floor(Main Building)
  • PM and Inspection. (As attached)

Cost of the offer:

All costs associated with the preparation and submission of the bids shall be borne by the Bidder.

The tender dossier is confidential:

Bidders must treat the information provided in the bidding documents as confidential material, no details of which may be disclosed to third parties.

Neither the tender dossier nor any part or copy of it may be used for any purpose other than the preparation of a tender for the works described therein. A Confidentiality Statement (NDA), properly signed and submitted by the Bidder, is part of their tender dossier.

Communication during the offer period:

During the bidding period, communication may be in English by registered electronically by email.

Material sent electronically by the tenderer to the contracting authority shall be deemed to have been received by the contracting authority only if acknowledged by a reply letter from the applicant.

The contracting authority shall also make all appropriate documents available to tenderers by electronic means in order to facilitate communication.

Questions raised in writing during the request for a proposal will be answered in writing and oral questions will be answered orally.

Preparation of the offer:

It is the sole responsibility of the Bidder to carefully examine the tender documents and any addenda and to obtain reliable information regarding any circumstances or obligations that may in any way affect the nature or quantity of their bid or the performance of the work in the event the bid is accepted.

The tenderer is obliged to study all the instructions, conditions and technical specifications in the contract documents. Any omission on the part of the tenderer shall not relieve the tenderer of the risks, obligations and liabilities which the contract imposes on him in respect of the completion of the works under the contract.

The tenderer shall, in its own interest, submit a tender in full compliance with the requirements of the invitation to tender and the contract documents.

The tender to be submitted shall include:

  1. Tender Application
  2. table of contents
  3. description of the tenderer
    • Financial status for last 3 years : total assets, Equity, Current asset, Short term liabilities
    • number of staff, language skills of on-site representatives
  1. presentation of references
  2. Designer license or proof issued by relatable authority.
  3. Other information and documents to be supplied by the tenderer

Tenders must be submitted one copy prior to offer price, by e-mail ( by 2022.7.17 23:59hrs

Procedure for the submission of tenders

Procedure for the submission of tenders

The original documents and price offer  must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Embassy of Korea (Budapest , Andrássy út 109.) from 09:00 to 16:00 on 2022. July .18th in person.

  1. Before the price offer, our embassy will provide the opportunity for a site visit, which is recommended.



Evaluation criteria:

  • Tender price (90 % weighting)
  • The tender price must be expressed in Hungarian Forints (HUF) or US dollar(USD), broken down into net HUF + VAT
  • Financial Status(10 % weighting)
  • Equity ratio = Equity/total asset 100
Over 100% 90%~100% 80%~90% 70%~80% under 70%
5 4.5 4 3.5 3
  • Current asset ratio = Current asset/short term liabilities
Over 100% 90%~100% 80%~90% 70%~80% under 70%
5 4.5 4 3.5 3

Bid deposit

  • Substitute for payment by submitting an application for participation in the bid, which includes a promise to pay the bid deposit
    • If there is a reason to pay the bid deposit, the bid deposit (more than 5/100 of the bid amount) must be paid in cash without delay according to the payment promise above.

Determination of successful bidder

  • Determination and notification of successful bidder
    • the lowest bidder with a total score of 95 or higher is determined as successful bidder
    • Price offer must be from 88% to 100% of the expected price*.

Download documents

Tender Application

 *Expected price will be determined between -2% ~ 2% of 165,000 USD by the person who visit  our embassy drawing 4 out of 16 expected price lots randomly on June 22. Average of 4 lots will be the expected price.