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Make Me! 2011 verseny fiatal designerek számára

make_me 2011 contestFor the fourth time Lodz Art Center would like to invite to take a part in the make me! contest. The competition is open to young designers (both individual and project groups). All the participants must be between 20 and 30 years old. There are no other restrictions! We would like to discover talents with fresh look at design and give them the opportunity to exhibit their works during 5th International Design Festival in Lodz, 20-30 October 2011.

First Prize 5 000 EUR!

Deadline: 30th June 2011

More info –


Regulations and application form

Regulations of the make me! contest for young designers 2011


1.      The Contest is organized by Lodz Art Center, a foundation registered in the Register of Associations, Other Social and Professional Organizations, Foundations and Public Health Care Centers under the National Court Register number 0000246599, located at 3 Ks. Bp. Wincentego Tymienieckiego Str., Lodz 90-365

2.      The official name of the Contest is „make me!”.

3.      Participation in the Contest is free of charge.

The aim of the Contest is to identify and expose projects made by young designers, which are of high artistic level, as well as their professional presentation during the post-contest exhibition.

The Contest is open to all legal persons and individuals, informal design groups and all other entities, especially  students and graduates of art schools. The Participants must be between 20 and 30 years old, which means that the Organizer allows every person born between January 1, 1981 and December 31, 1991 to participate in the Contest.


1. In order to submit entry to the Contest, Participants are obliged to do the following:

a.     Submit a correctly filled Application Form and Statement, which are available at, including the Statement claiming that the project is an original work of the author and that it does not infringe any rights of third parties.

b.     Submit the project (model), photographic documentation and description in accordance to the rules included in the present document.

c.      Submit an agreement to present the project on the website as well as during the post-contest exhibitions.

d.     Submit an agreement that the Organizer assumes, free of charge, copyrights for the project as stated in the Regulations.

2. Submission of an entry  constitutes agreement to the Regulations.


1.      Project submitted to the Contest can come from the field of industrial design, architecture and graphic projects as well as the field of textiles, fashion, glass and ceramics (except unique works).

2.      Projects submitted to the Contest must be new or strongly modified pieces of work, which have been made in the time period of three years preceding the current edition of the Contest.

3.      Every Participant can submit only one project consisting of one or several elements.

4.      Each project will be judged according to the following factors: esthetics, innovation and functionality.


1.      All submissions must be sent by post to the Organizer’s address: 3 Tymienieckiego Str., Lodz 90-365

2.      The submission must include not more than 15 illustrations presenting the project, saved as a JPG file and recorded on a carrier (CD/DVD). The files should be prepared at a 72 dpi resolution and width of around 21 cm. Additionally, description of the project should be submitted both in electronic version on a CD/DVD and printed. Project description can not exceed two A4 pages, it should include technical data, function, purpose and usage of the product. The Participant is obliged to fill out all the attachments of the Regulations.

3.      Printed description together with a CD/DVD and the first part of the Application Form (project information) should be placed in the envelope no. 1 marked with the author’s emblem (author’s emblem can be a line of characters, nickname or a logo chosen by the author of the submission who uses the emblem to mark envelopes and certain spots in the Application Forms to ensure that the author’s name remains unknown by the jury during the judgment process. The 2nd and 3rd part of the Application Form (biography and Statements) should be placed in envelope no. 2, also marked with the author’s emblem. Both envelopes should be placed in a collective envelope that has to be addressed as follows: make me! Contest, Lodz Design, Lodz Art Center, 3 Tymienieckiego Str., 90-365 Lodz.

4.      It is forbidden to sign any of the elements included in the envelope no. 1 with author’s name, surname, initials or marking them in any other way that could enable to identify the designer. All the above information should be found only in the Application Form included in envelope no 2, marked with an emblem.

5.      Deadline for submitting the projects is 30.06.2011 (depending on the post stamp).

6.      The Organizer is not responsible for any damage or loss of the project during its shipment.

7.      The Organizer will not return the documentation of the project.

8.      Projects submitted after the deadline, as well as projects submitted by authors who do not qualify to participate in the contest as specified in the Regulations, and projects submitted that do not meet the conditions stated in points IV and V of the Regulations, especially those that do not include Statements and documentation required by the Organizer, will be disqualified.


1.      A panel of experts associated with the design industry will judge each submitted project.

2.      The exact names of the jury’s members shall be announced by July 15, 2011 on


1.      The jury will award honors to projects chosen from those submitted; the number of chosen works as well as the winning prize will be decided during a solely discrete session.

2.      The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded with PLN 20 000, and the winning project will be presented during the post-contest exhibition. The Grand Prize Winner will also receive a diploma.

3.      Receiving an honor in the Contest will come with an award of presenting the Project during the post-contest exhibition during the Festival of Design. The honored designers will receive a diploma.

4.      The Organizer reserves the right to present special awards founded by sponsors or media patrons  to the contestants.

5.      Awarded Participants are allowed to use the information about receiving a prize in order to promote their work.

6.      The awarded Projects and prize-winners will be promoted in the following:

  • In both local and national press and media;
  • In a bilingual (Polish-English) Lodz Design Festival 2011 catalogue
  • Lodz Art Center and Lodz Design 2011 publications and websites
  • Contest’s patrons’ publications and websites.

7.      The participants who were awarded honors as well as the Grand Prize Winner will present their projects during the post-contest exhibition during Lodz Design 2011.

8.      The participants who were awarded honors as well as the Grand Prize Winner are obliged to make the awarded projects (originals or models of them) available to the Organizer to be temporary displayed during the post-contest exhibition. The Organizer of the Contest will cover the cost of transporting the Projects, regarding their display at the post-contest exhibition, with the exception of the exhibition presented during the Lodz Design Festival 2011.

9.      The jury will judge Projects based on the Application Forms sent in, the illustrations and descriptions attached. Honors and the Grand Prize will be awarded on the basis of the evaluated materials.

10.   The Jury and the Organizer have the right to demand model of the Project submitted for inspection, before the decision about awarding it is made. The inspection will be held in a place and time agreed with the Contest’s Participant. The Organizer will inform the Participant about the need for inspection at least 7 days before the planned date.

11.   In order to take part in the exhibition after the Participant is qualified, a model of the Project (prototype, project) called in the Regulations Project’s model, and a board presenting the model of the product 70×100 cm, horizontal and glued onto a 5mm foam, has to be prepared and delivered by the Participant, at their own cost and risk, to the Organizer’s office by 15.09.2011.

12.   The final selection of qualified Projects and naming the Grand Prize Winner will take place after the Participants send in the models for exhibition. The Organizer reserves the right to reject a Project and to withdraw the honor after the model is sent. If the Project happens to be withdrawn, the Participant will be informed about this fact and the reasons of this decision in writing. The Organizer will especially dismiss Projects where suitable models and boards were not sent or they do not meet the requirements specified in these Regulations.

13.   After the exhibition, the Organizer will not send back the models, they can be collected personally or via a person entitled to do this, in writing, at the Organizer’s office and not later then 30.11.2011. If the models are not collected by the date indicated, the Organizer has the right to damage them.


1.      The results of the Contest are announced during the Award Ceremony, which will take place during the Lodz Design Festival 2011. Afterwards, the results of the Contest will also be available on

2.      The list of Winners and honored Participants who have qualified for the exhibition will be published by September 15th, 2011. on website.

3.      Participants whose Projects have been chosen for the exhibition will be contacted by e-mail about the date and the way of preparing their work to be published in the catalogue and displayed at the exhibition.

4.      Work of the jury is solely discrete.


1.      Participant (or a group of Participants submitting Project to the Contest) declares the following:

  • Is the only author of the Project and has full propriety and personal rights to the Project;
  • The Project is not a derivative work, neither it is a plagiarism or an infringement of third parties rights or infringement of law;
  • Author’s copyrights are not subject to any claims by third parties, especially the usage of this Project in any way does not require an agreement from a third party.

2.      The Participant holds responsibility , regardless of their fault, for all legal defects of the Project submitted to the contest and will exempt the Organizer from any possible discrepancies coming from the previous article.

3.      Projects that are copyright infringement will be disqualified from the Contest.


1.      The Participant grants the Organizer non-exclusive license for usage of documentation submitted (description, illustrations, photos and other) of the Project by presenting it during the exhibitions, shows, presentations in time and place chosen by the Organizer during Lodz Design 2011, as well as after the festival is over for a non-specified period of time for the purpose of festival presentation, promotion of the festival, the Organizer and Sponsors of Lodz Design 2011.

2.      The license is granted free of charge.

3.      The Participant gives consent for the Organizer to process any photo, film, video or digital documentation, presenting projects submitted to the contest, made by the Organizer or at their request during the Lodz Design 2011 exhibition, transferring in this respect, all the copyrights to the Organizer. Transfer of the copyrights is not limited by time or territory, which means that the Organizer can use these rights at all times of their duration, all over the world. Especially, however not exclusively, the Organizer has an unlimited right to distribute and publish these materials or parts of them in the media, Internet, books, anthologies, collective works, tv programmes, movies, electronic networks and mobile technologies in any form.

4.      The Participant gives consent for further distribution of the license to all media publishing articles regarding the project, the promotion of the project, the Organizer or Organizer’s partners.

5.      The license described in present paragraph is granted with no territorial or time limitations

6.      The license is granted for the following use:

a.     Distributing in Poland and abroad;

b.     Saving in a computer’s memory and distribution in computer networks, particularly on the Internet, in any digital form.

c.      Using as a whole or its fragments in promotion and advertising, in a form of leaflets, postcards, catalogues, programmes, invitations, posters, billboards, citylights, CD, DVD, video.

d.     Using in any form in mass media.


1. The Organizer is obliged to take best possible care of submitted products. The Organizer is responsible for any damage done to the projects (models of the projects) submitted for the exhibition, up to their replacement value, if the damage is Organizer’s fault. This obligation excludes the model’s board as described in point VIII of the Regulations titled WINNERS OF THE CONTEST, article 11.

2. The Organizer will cover all costs of insuring the goods submitted for the exhibition, the originals (models), up to its replacement value for the duration time of post-contest exhibition.

This obligation excludes the model’s board as described in point VIII of the Regulations titled WINNERS OF THE CONTEST, article 11.

3. The Organizer has the right to inspect ID’s of people collecting any prizes founded by the Organizer and to compare them with data stated in the Application Form.

4. Conformity of personal data in the ID and Application Form is required in order to collect the prize.

5. People employed by the Organizer are not allowed to participate in the contest, as well as their ascendants, descendants, siblings, spouses and relatives up to the second degree.

6. The present Regulations is the only document that constitutes the Contest.

7.The Organizer is not responsible for any conflicts raised by third parties.

8. The Organizer has the right to change the Regulations of the Contest as well as to close it at any given time, without stating a reason, which shall be announced on

make me! Contest, Lodz Design 2011
Lodz Art Center
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