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Cortona On The Move International Award

Photography call for entries International Award ONTHEMOVE Tenimenti d’Alessandro 2012 – Happiness On The Move/Felicità in Movimento. „Beauty is in the movement, in the vitality, in the absence of any physical or moral coercion” Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.


ONTHEMOVE Tenimenti d’Alessandro is an international award open to photographers, professionals and amateurs, from all over the world, with no limitations of age.

At its first edition the award was created , with the confidence to assert itself as a permanent appointment within the international photo festivalCortona On The Move photography in travel.

The main theme is Happiness On the Move.

Its interpretation is left free to the vision, creativity and sensitivity of the authors who are called to reflect on the theme, moving away from its purely literal meaning and to develop it in its various aspects.

Special attention is given to the theme of movement as a real or figurative journey and to the happiness that follows:

„I do not want to trap my thoughts, but the smell of my joy”

Jaques Henri Lartigue

Happiness is a choice, as an ideal image within a wider and more complex story, it’s something inner, that you find despite the problems, but not without problems. Happiness is a fleeting moment that can occur in a series of random events and we have to recognize it or pass by indifferently… Happiness is suspension, poetic digression, a picture that brings your memory back to a place, glancing details, fragments of joy like those „in between moments” that are held on to in order to be revised and re-lived, and that in every moment of our existence constantly nourish life.

Happiness as dynamism, vitality, joie de vivre.

Happiness as movement that is the inner essence of becoming.

„Man as a body in motion, moved to action by the desire of chasing a possible happiness. Happiness seems then inseparable to movement”

Thomas Hobbes

The purpose of the International award ONTHEMOVE Tenimenti d’Alessandro is to tell visually all the manifestations of joy and celebration of life. Participants are invited to submit works that develop in an original way the general theme of the competition.

The jury is exclusively online and is made up of professionals and experts.


The award has a valor of5.000€, which will be delivered to the selected author during the festival Cortona On The Move, photography in travel. The winner will also have the opportunity to see his project mounted in a solo exhibition during the 2013 edition of the festival.


The jury will inform the winner on June 30, 2012. The award ceremony will take place during the opening days of the Festival.

The work selected will be displayed, printed at the expense of the organization on the 2013 edition of the Festival. Those participating give consent – if they are selected – to the use of their images by the organizers of the event for exposure and for all and only the future publications and promotional activities related to the competition, without having paid any compensation to the author or to any third parties.

Participation in the competition implies that the author is in possession of the use of any images of the subjects depicted, using which he assumes all the responsibilities. The rights of the works will remain property of the author.

The international jury for the 2012 edition of the ONTHEMOVE Tenimenti d’Alessandro award is composed of :

James Estrin, editor of the New York Times’ Lensblog, USA

Giovanna Calvenzi, freelance curator and photo editor, Italy

Tina Ahrens, co-founder of, USA

Elena Boille, deputy director of Internazionale magazine, Italy

Jamie Wellford, senior photo editor of Newsweek, New York, USA

Sujong Song, senior curator, Hanmi Photography Museum, Seoul, Corea

Silvia Omedes, director of the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, Barcelona, Spain

Fiona Rogers, cultural coordinator, Magnum Photos and founder of, UK

Arianna Rinaldo, artistic director, Cortona On The Move photo festival, Italy


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