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Future Internet Award Announcement

cefims pályázatThe ‘Future Internet Award‘, supported and organised by the ceFIMS Coordination Action, is an opportunity for European national and regional Future Internet initiatives to promote their work. Initiatives can take the form of innovative products and services that will shape the Future Internet. The award will be awarded every six months to the initiative that is adjudged to have the greatest potential to advance the Future Internet and which provides an exemplar for innovate products/services.

Member States and individual projects are invited to submit entries by completing the attached application form.


Entries will be adjudicated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Innovate use of technologies
  • Inclusion of local entities, citizens, communities
  • Universal usability and access
  • Contribution towards reducing the Digital Divide
  • Involvement and contacts with industry
  • Societal impacts
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Strategic relevance and pilot implementations in place
  • Excellence in themed areas and/or cross-domain
  • Cross-regional and/or cross-national

Only projects and initiatives that are currently running will be considered.


A Judging Panel comprising representatives from research, industry and public agencies expert in the FI domain will judge the entries, based on the information contained in the attached application form. Further information may be sought before a final decision is made. The Award will be given to the best FI initiative in the opinion of the judges.

The winning FI initiative will be able to use the award for promotional purposes. The award will be a crystal glass vase inscribed with the location and date of the award.

Further details at:

Application form