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The Submission Deadline for the 13. eQuinoxe Europe International Screenwriters′ Workshop & Master Class is 24. May 2013. The workshop will be held in October 2013. The International Screenwriters Workshops are for screenwriters who have had minimum one feature length script produced. The workshops only deal with screenplays for the cinema.
Screenplays should be at an advanced stage of development, preferably third draft, in order to maximise the one-to-one meetings with the advisors.
  •  EU/EEC Writers who have had at least one script produced are eligible to apply.
  • Screenplays for cinema (1. Drafts are not accepted).
  • There are no fees for the selection process.
  • Producer must be attached.
  • Scripts may be submitted in German or English
  • Scripts submitted in industry -standard format and pagination
  • If project is pre-selected, an English translation for the international jury must be provided in 14 days.
  • If your project is invited, the workshop assumes travel, food and lodging for the writers.
  • If your project is accepted, producers are obliged to attend the end of the workshop. Travel costs are not covered for producers, however, food and lodging costs are assumed.
  • The workshop is held in the English language.
Application Process:
Online application available on our website
To apply:
  1. Go to, click on „application”, complete application, and up-load requested files.
  2. Please send files per e-mail directly to:
  3. Send all materials and signed application per normal post. Postal stamp is the valid entry date.
Deadline for submissions is 24. May 2013 (Postal stamp)
  • The international jury selection will be early September 2013.
  • Workshop scheduled for the Third Week of October 2013.
  • For further information please visit the eQuinoxe Europe website at: